Dave Duerson

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Just a couple of weeks ago, in this space, I praised the 1985 Chicago Bears, and specifically Richard Dent on his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Today, I feel the need to say something about Dave Duerson.  Duerson was found dead Thursday evening in his home.  They are now saying that it was a self inflicted gunshot wound.  All of the articles I’ve seen have emphasized that he has donated his brain to research.

I’ve thought about Walter Payton a lot this weekend also.

I have nothing insightful or meaningful to add.  I just wanted to share.

Richard Dent is a Hall of Famer

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This morning, when I sat down at my computer to read my email and check out the latest news online I actually fist pumped.  Not to anyone, there was no one around, just to myself.  When one of the sports heroes that you idolized as a child is voted into the Hall of Fame for his sport to some extent it validates your support of him and his team.

This morning I woke up to find Richard Dent the newest member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
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Hibernation for the Winter

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I spent a fair amount of time over the past week thinking about what to post here about the upcoming Bears game against the Green Bay Packers.  Game of the ages, 182nd meeting, hype, hype, hype.  I just couldn’t think of anything to write that would add at all to what was out there.

There was a lot of good stuff out there.  There were lots of articles rehashing the same bunch of player memories from the rivalry.  There were the obligatory Chicago kid who played in Green Bay, and the Wisconsin kid who played for the Bears.  There was even a clip, on the Bears website, from the 1941 playoff game. » Read the rest of this entry «

Bear Down and Bundle Up

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I spend a lot of Sundays watching football by myself.  Last Sunday, when the Bears played the Lions, we watched the game in the hospital with a two day old Maya.  This week I was at their house in Gurnee, and we were a little more prepared.  We made plans for the grill and the game in traditional fashion. » Read the rest of this entry «

Credit Where Credit is Due.

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Check out this highlight from the Chicago Bears week 11 win over the Miami Dolphins on Thursday: (Nov 18, 2010)
[If the video gets taken off YouTube, you can check out this link to the highlight on NFL.com]

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