Dave Duerson

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Just a couple of weeks ago, in this space, I praised the 1985 Chicago Bears, and specifically Richard Dent on his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Today, I feel the need to say something about Dave Duerson.  Duerson was found dead Thursday evening in his home.  They are now saying that it was a self inflicted gunshot wound.  All of the articles I’ve seen have emphasized that he has donated his brain to research.

I’ve thought about Walter Payton a lot this weekend also.

I have nothing insightful or meaningful to add.  I just wanted to share.

When Off Doesn’t Mean Off

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With options for TV, radio, video on demand, and even internet, modern cable boxes have become increasingly complex.  Yesterday I watched a two year old sit on a cable remote control.  He changed the box into what I think was some sort of radio mode.  I think he also managed to overload the remote of the box or both, because nothing seemed to be working.  We were trying to watch the news of events in Egypt, so we tried to get the channel back.  We had to leave, so we shut off the TV, and left.  Later, someone had tried to turn the TV back on, and we found it still stuck in it’s jammed state, completely unresponsive to the remote. » Read the rest of this entry «

Richard Dent is a Hall of Famer

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This morning, when I sat down at my computer to read my email and check out the latest news online I actually fist pumped.  Not to anyone, there was no one around, just to myself.  When one of the sports heroes that you idolized as a child is voted into the Hall of Fame for his sport to some extent it validates your support of him and his team.

This morning I woke up to find Richard Dent the newest member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
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Markup Tags vs. Price Tags

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Part of starting a new business is marketing and sales.  Up until recently, building websites and  programing were hobbies.  They didn’t demand time commitments or financial considerations.  I could start working on something because it seemed interesting.  I could offer to help a friend build something just for the fun of it.  In addition to family related sites (chiswick.net) I also built a site for a catering business among others. » Read the rest of this entry «

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