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My last post was very up-beat and happy.  The next day was less so.  In continuing my busy Ultimate Frisbee schedule Saturday I was at the Junior National Team’s practice in Tel Aviv.  It was fun, and I was having a good time working with the kids.  I was starting to get back into a bit of a rhythm and feeling good about my return from injury.  That’s when the fates stepped in and yanked away that fun.  While doing a simple zone-D drill, I was cutting as part of the offense.  Just a simple cut to space and clear out, except for the last time. » Read the rest of this entry «


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This is [a slightly edited] letter that I wrote Friday night summarizing an afternoon I spent teaching Ultimate at a boarding school near Acco as part of Ultimate Peace, an initiative to promote cross cultural meetings with Ultimate Frisbee.

Hey gang!

I spent a good part of this week dealing with all sorts of Ultimate related things, but I kept coming back to the same nagging question:  What is the weather going to be like on Friday!  The internet on my phone kept saying rain, even when I checked it repeatedly.  The internet on my computer said differently, but the pessimist in me didn’t want to believe it.  So you can imagine the dismay I felt when I woke up to a text message that Kfar Tavor had canceled partly because of the weather. » Read the rest of this entry «

Opening Day, 2011

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A couple of days late, but “better late than never”. As they say. And if there is any place where the cliche is ingrained in it’s essence, well it’s Baseball or nothing.

Wait Til Next Year

Wait Til Next Year

“Wait Till Next Year,” a mainstay of us Cub fans, is on hold for at least a little while. And After a shaky game and a half, the Cubs are sitting pretty at 1-1, so hope is still alive! » Read the rest of this entry «

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