20 Years an Israeli

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20 years ago, to the hour, I arrived in Israel to start my new life as an Israeli.

It’s been an amazing adventure learning about my chosen home, myself, and all the amazing people who have played a part in it.

My first job was working on a website, and after many other adventures, some of which took me very far away from computers, I am working as a programmer working mostly on web integrations. That wasn’t even a thing back then.

I’ve seen so much, from peace deals to rocket explosions. From pickup ultimate in a park in Jerusalem to running National tournaments and coaching national teams internationally. From a small group of Anglo immigrants building a commune in Jerusalem to a full on Kibbutz in the Galil.

There are too many people to list who have been an important part of these twenty years. A special shout out to Robin who arrived with me, and to Emma, James, and Anton who made sure we had a comfortable place to arrive at, and have been with Robin and I the whole way.

I don’t think I could have conceived twenty years ago of where I am today. That I would be living in a Kibbutz in a town in the north of the country filled with amazing like-minded people in Kibbutz Mishol. That I would be able to build a job description that fit what I wanted to do and with how I wanted to do it in Mishol-IT. That I would be able to play with and coach some of the most awesome people in Hucking Crazy. (The Haifa Ultimate Club) and the wider ultimate community. That I would have the honor of meeting and working with absolute rock stars with Ultimate Peace.

I can’t wait to see what the next 20 bring.

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