Who Am I? [Online]

June 5th, 2012 § Comments Off on Who Am I? [Online] § permalink

What is my online presence, why is that, and what do I want it to be?

What is my online presence?

I spend a lot of time cruising the internet.  Much of it is spent on a small number of websites.  I check ESPN.com at least once per day, I try to check out nytimes.com and haaretz.com also every now and again.  I usually have gmail open in the background.  The site I spend the most time on, though, is google reader.  I have a large number of subscriptions there.  From Chicago sports news to tech updates to web comics to torrent feeds to culture web magazines to really random stuff.

While I may read a lot, I subscribe to very few websites, and comment on even fewer.  [A few months ago, I got really excited about something I found, and commented about it on a website.  Seconds later someone pointed out how very wrong I was…]  There is something about logging in to sites that doesn’t click with me.  Even more so, commenting is a strangely public thing that I just don’t feel comfortable with. » Read the rest of this entry «


August 19th, 2011 § Comments Off on Google+ § permalink

I’ve made the leap…  I joined the Social Networking scene when I joined Google+ this week.

So far, there isn’t much to say.  I have friends who have posted strange things I don’t need.  We’ll see what happens as time passes. » Read the rest of this entry «

Markup Tags vs. Price Tags

February 1st, 2011 § Comments Off on Markup Tags vs. Price Tags § permalink

Part of starting a new business is marketing and sales.  Up until recently, building websites and  programing were hobbies.  They didn’t demand time commitments or financial considerations.  I could start working on something because it seemed interesting.  I could offer to help a friend build something just for the fun of it.  In addition to family related sites (chiswick.net) I also built a site for a catering business among others. » Read the rest of this entry «

One of a Kind

December 6th, 2010 § Comments Off on One of a Kind § permalink

I spent this past weekend visiting a friend in Toronto.  It was my first visit to the city, so I was quite reliant on my friend for getting around and seeing the sites.  Most of what we ended up doing lay, if I was paying attention properly, along one street, which I understand wasn’t even that major of a street.  That’s the way these things work when you get used to your neighborhood.  I didn’t climb the CN Tower, or take a dip in Lake Ontario, or go to the Hockey Hall of Fame.  We did, however, visit the One of a Kind Show» Read the rest of this entry «

Where Am I?

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