Opening Day, 2011

April 3rd, 2011

A couple of days late, but “better late than never”. As they say. And if there is any place where the cliche is ingrained in it’s essence, well it’s Baseball or nothing.

Wait Til Next Year

Wait Til Next Year

“Wait Till Next Year,” a mainstay of us Cub fans, is on hold for at least a little while. And After a shaky game and a half, the Cubs are sitting pretty at 1-1, so hope is still alive!

The last time we saw the Cubs, they were in a down to the wire, last game for all the marbles, battle with Houston for the coveted 4th place spot in the NL Central.

Northwestern Football At Wrigley Field

Northwestern Football At Wrigley Field

We then got to see Wrigley Field converted into a Fooball staduim for the first time in forever.  Which was nice, but would have been better had they a) figured out the dimensions of the park ahead of time b) not changed the rules for the game accordingly and c) Northwestern not lost their star player to injury the week before.

Loosing Ron Santo in the off season isn’t the best omen for the new year, but if the stories are true it did help grease the wheels for Kid K’s return to the North Side.  I’m a fan of Wood’s from his first go-around with the Cubs, and I’m a fan of athletes who make decisions not just about money but about what they really want.  Welcome back Kerry.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed when the Cubs passed on Ryan Sandberg, but it’s hard to be upset with the choice of carrer baseballer Mike Quade.

The Natural - Robert Redford

The Natural - Robert Redford

They brought in The Natural to throw out the first pitch.  It would have been more emotional to have Santo’s family, or teammates throwing out the first pitch, but maybe they were hoping some of that movie magic would rub off on the team.

Lets hope they can close out the rubber match with the Pirates today, and build that momentum into the season Cubs fans have been dreaming of for over 100 years.

Let’s Go Cubs!



Cubs Win!!


UPDATE: And just like that the wind gets yanked back out of the sails.  After a lights out performance on Friday, Marmol follows up with a 2 hit 2 run blown save.  Then the offense strands the tying run on third and the winning run on first in the bottom of the ninth.

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